December 22, 2014

What is measles ? Melanie Addington

Measles is a kind of pattern aka Brusnica. The way & known denomination is "smallpox". This is an acute infectious disease of viral etiology which is highly contagious & is caused by an RNA virus of the genus Morbilli virus. Characteristic of it is that it is weak resistance in the outside surroundings.

Normally one time preboleduva against the virus that causes it, build a natural immunity to the finish of human life.

From measles have individuals who are not vaccinated, as often happens in age between three & 9 years elderly. Happen to become infected & the elderly, as these signs are significantly more powerful & dangerous.

When mothers who have had the measles before you become pregnant, there is no facts of destroy to the fetus, but it ought to be borne in mind that the Children of mothers who are preboleduvali of measles, have a natural immunity to the age of three months, & then gradually decreases disease carries the risk of miscarriage & premature birth.

Symptoms of measles

In the first stage this disease has no symptoms, it may last from 7days until about 2 weeks ago. After it starts the expression of symptoms characteristic
for many viral diseases: high temperature (in this pattern can reach up to 40 ۫ C), cough, runny nose. Can be observed thoroughly s″lzotečenie and burning
sensation in the eyes, photophobia and conjunctivitis, and also swelling of cervical lymph nodes.

Specific to measles is the appearance of Koplik spots Filatov-on lining up against my molars. They are a sure sign of this disease. Three to four days after the onset of the first symptoms appear rash. The buds typical of this pattern are quite small, bright red and have irregular shape, more often are not accompanied by itching and have a tendency to merge. Their spread is from the head to the limbs, with the exception of measles Atipičniâ syndrome, in which the rash begins from the feet.

After 3-4 days obrivat begins to subside, and together with him and all the accompanying disease symptoms.

Prevalence of Measles

The incubation period of the disease is between 12 and 24 days, as most is around 14. It's transmitted airborne, the virus is excreted in the nosogl″čniâ
fluid secretion of the patient, when coughing and sneezing, it may fall on the rofaringealnata and nazofaringealnata Mucosa, as well as on the conjunctivae
of the people in contact with the patient and thus become infected. The disease is highly contagious.

How to diagnose?

Most often, the diagnosis is made by a doctor on the basis of the clinical picture and interview if the patient had been in contact with the sick with
measles. If data for contact with ill will, in the initial stage diagnosis is difficult because the symptoms resemble viral disease. To isolate the measles
can do research on the discharge of the patient, but this practice is not applicable.

Treatment of measles

Under normal circumstances, the treatment takes place in the home, such as do not need anything special. The patient is to be on a liquid diet – soups,
purees, as the quantity of liquid in the period with a high temperature should be above 2 litres. For the cough may prescribe a cough syrup and it is good to maintain the normal humidity in the room. The patient must be placed under quarantine to limit the spread of the disease.

Melanie Addington recommended If the rash is accompanied with itching lotions are recommended for its refinement. In some patients, in rare cases, severe complications occur, they needed hospital treatment.

What complications could there be? This disease rarely leads to complications. The most common of them is average otitis (inflammation of the middle ear). Other complications are pneumonia, encephalitis etc. Click for Other Related Information : Ultimate Herpes Protocol Review

Prevention of measles

To protect against Measles in Bulgarian is administered vaccine. This happens two times in a person's life, the first place 13 months and the second at age

Infected and people that interact with them must be insulated in order to stop the spread of the disease. It is recommended that high personal hygiene.

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